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AVID "Smartpen" Notes

Wow-ee, like we couldn't get any fancier! ;)

You will have the opportunity to have some of your AVID learning logs and Cornell Notes highlighted here, once you demonstrate you truly have the hang of it, as you can model and record our thinking using our super "smart" Echo pens.  I will write the connecting page and date below for the latest entry below.  However, if you want to go back, click on the link and check out which day those notes connect to!

 6th Grade      8th Grade

 p. 1-2:  Unit 3: Types of NonFiction, pg. 176-177

p.3: 3-2:  Main Idea (OA206), pg. 178-179

p.6: 3.3- Word Roots

p.7: 3.4- Narrative NF Writing, pg. pg. 186

 p. 1: 3.2- Main Idea

p.2: 3.3- Vocab, Synonym and Antonym (pg. 218-219)

p.3-4: 3.5- Persuasive Writing