About Me

        I've been happy to work with Kanoon students since 2006, and am looking forward to many more years as a Kanoon Eagle's teacher!
        Outside of teaching, I am devoted to my family, both husband, Chris, and "furry" babies.  We have two cats, Rummi and MJ, and a Border collie, Athena.
        Our families live in the midwest, both Michigan and Tennessee, and we enjoy visiting them often.  I have one little sister who is also here in Chicago. 
        We love to travel and have been able to visit around the United States as well as other countries like:  Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  As of now, many of these visits have been short, as we have tried to pack as many experiences as we can during each adventure.
        Although, I was fortunate to spend time studying during college in Sevilla, Spain.  I adored my stay and loved every aspect of the experience.  I look forward to bringing all aspects of my education into our classroom...